Usually, our stationary store operates from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 in gusts until 19:00 ;-). Some weekends  we take part in various fairs or picnics, information about such situations appears on an ongoing basis in news.
If you need something urgently – call us!

Different things.
Some things with history and some that will gain it.
They are supposed to give pleasure, arouse positive emotions and associations.
They can be taken seriously and with a pinch of salt.
They should enjoy and help celebrate even the most mundane daily activities.
A thermos found which became a lamp
Cabinet with a broken leg
Incense fragrant Asia
Touch wooden sticks
The taste of ceramics
The smell of the forest is closed in a candle
Jewelry like an amulet
Matchy dust
Clothes – second skin
Old, new
Different, seemingly without a rule – meets Here and will captivate you.